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Our Story


Where it all began


In 2015, two people sat in a room, with a love of hockey, a passion for coaching and a vision to inspire young players by connecting them with the stars of the game, in a multi-national training environment. From humble beginnings, EVO Hockey was born! We are truly grateful for your continued support.

    Our people

    5 Olympic gold medallists 3 World Player of the Year winners 4 World Cup winners 7 European Champions 19 different nationalities 1000s of international caps

    Young players at EVO are mentored by legends of the sport, established internationals and up-and-coming coaches. The diversity of our team is unparalleled, providing a unique and spectacular hockey experience

    Meet the team


    Our values

    EVO is not about one figurehead, or one concept of playing the game. Our hallmark is diversity: the celebration and exploration of different playing styles, opinions and ideas.

    There is no single right way to play. The variety of approaches to hockey around the globe is amazing. Discovering and harnessing these, as coaches and players, is part of the beauty of the sport.

    EVO represents evolution. We are forever learning, adapting and moving forward. EVO embraces this process. We give both players and coaches freedom to express themselves, learn from each other and develop. All while connecting youngsters in a meaningful way with those who are pushing the boundaries at the pinnacle of the game. 

    EVO ambassadors

    We are proud to support a number of international and junior international athletes (plus promising coaches) with coaching development, individual training support, mentoring, media training and more