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The Trousers of Destiny are a proud EVO tradition that links our players from camp to camp. The Trousers were kindly donated to EVO Hockey by the captain of Germany, EVO coach, Olympic bronze medallist and 3 x Olympian Janne Müller-Wieland. During her time captaining her country, these Trousers were awarded at the end of each international match to one player who had stood out for the team. They have been worn and treasured by many international players over the years!

The Trousers of Destiny are now awarded as an EVO Hockey tradition, which started from our first camp. They are the highest camp honour and selected by the coaches at each event. Each winner receives the Trousers and goes onto our Wall of Fame, a part of EVO Hockey history. They keep the Trousers until the next camp, where they are returned to be passed on to the next winner.

The Trousers of Destiny are not awarded at every event - so keep an eye out for them, as they are very special indeed!

Trousers of destiny - HALL OF FAME

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