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Coaching portal


Welcome to the EVO Hockey Coaching Portal

This Portal is a resource for anyone in hockey who wants to develop their learning, spark creativity and contribute to a community, growing our collective hockey knowledge.

Whether you want to develop an understanding of basic techniques or access new innovative ideas for skills and drills, we are here to help. 

You can access the Portal below. You will need to sign up as an EVO Hockey Coaching Community member, below. Signing up is free, quick and easy.

How it works:

  • At EVO Hockey, we have been curating a growing series of the most interesting online hockey coaching videos around. We initially did this to inspire our EVO coaches and encourage innovation. Whenever a team member saw a great video, we would share the post with each other and grow our online library.
  • We realised how powerful a tool this was. And we wanted to open it up to everyone, anywhere in the world.   

Help grow this resource!

When you come across interesting hockey coaching videos online, please tag EVO Hockey (you can find us on Instagram, Twitter & Facebook - links at bottom of this webpage).

That's all you need to do!

We can then assess, index and organise the content, for the benefit of all members. Over time we hope to build an amazing resource from around the world. 

Many thanks and we hope you enjoy sharing the knowledge! 

Note: All content in this Portal is available in the public domain. Some is from EVO Hockey coaching demos, others are from other sources. We always make sure to credit the source of any videos. If you think any video has been incorrectly credited, please let us know.