Young player focus: Luke Holland

EVO is a great place for me to develop my hockey alongside international players, seeing the different hockey influences from around the world
— Luke Holland, young EVO legend

Young players are the beating heart of EVO Hockey and our reason for existing. They, along with their parents and the coaches who mentor them, become part of the EVO family. At EVO, we like to keep up to date the progress of young players who attend our events and celebrate their achievements. Today we'd like to tell you all about the remarkable Luke Holland.

Luke has been attending EVO for a number of years now. He has become an EVO regular and taken inspiration from the many top international players and coaches he has encountered on his journey with us so far. These have included players such as Adnan Zakir (Pakistan international) and Justin Reid-Ross (South Africa international). 

Luke has been developing phenomenal ability on the ball and has great freestyle hockey technique. While attending EVO Hockey's October 2017 camp, he impressed a group of EVO coaches, the legendary Self-Pass, who are world-renowned international freestylers. This was the start of great things. 

Since meeting them at the camp, Luke has become an honorary Self-Pass skiller. This mentorship and connection has led to Luke becoming sponsored by Dita hockey. 

Luke receiving his freestyling prize from legendary freestyle skillers Self-Pass at EVO Hockey's October 2017 camp

That was the start of a wonderful season of development for Luke, as he has continued to hone his skills with EVO Hockey's support. At the age of 14, he has been involved in U15 Performance Centre cluster matches. He also became a national champion in 2 x age group competitions: 

  • U15 independent schools hockey nationals champion
  • U14 England Hockey national champion.

Luke is a top young player with a great love of the game and a desire to learn as much as he can! He is a valued part of the EVO family and we look forward to continuing to assist him on his hockey journey. 

We're always on the lookout for great hockey stories, from players in the EVO Hockey family and beyond! Send us your hockey progress updates and maybe you will feature too...