EVO launches Dragflick Performance Program


EVO Hockey are delighted to announce our new Dragflick Performance Program, for players aged 14+ years.

Our new Dragflick Performance Program is for players who want to develop and enhance dragflicking technique.

Dragflick Performance Program players commit to all 3 days of camp. Working with specialist coaches, the Program includes:

  • 3 days EVO Hockey camp

  • 3 x 1 hour specialist dragflicking sessions 5-6pm (at end of each camp day)

  • Video analysis and full flicking breakdown

  • 1-3 coach to player ratio for dragflicking sessions

  • Post-camp video feedback sent to each player of group flicks

  • 2 weeks post-camp follow up and mentoring - players send videos of dragflicks (1 x weekly for 2 weeks) to coach for further feedback and support

Places extremely limited

The Dragflick Performance Program will be initially run at our Reigate camp centre at our April 2019 hockey camp, before being developed further with our other location partners.