Meet the Goalkeeper coaches: world-class players at October half-term camps

At EVO, we believe in top-class coaching across the board. No matter what background you are from, we want to give you access to the world's best opportunities to improve your game. 

Goalkeepers are often forgotten when it comes to coaching and development needs.  At EVO, that is never the case. We have specialist hockey goalkeeper coaches at all our camps and these have included greats like Davey Harte (2 x World GK of the Year), Maddie Hinch (1 x World GK of the Year), Yvonne Frank (over 150 caps for Germany) and many more.

Jan De Wijkerslooth - AH&BC Amsterdam

For October, we are delighted to welcome Dutch goalkeeper Jan De Wijkerslooth to our Surrey camp. Jan is a top Dutch goalkeeper, currently playing professionally in the men's 1st team at one of the world's best club hockey sides - AH&BC Amsterdam. He will be at day 1 of the Surrey event.

Tomas Santiago - Argentina

In Essex, goalkeepers have the chance to work for all 3 days with Tomas Santiago - Argentina international goalkeeper and Olympic gold medallist, having won gold at Rio in 2016. He currently plays in the Belgium top division with Gantoise.

Both Surrey and Essex camp goalkeepers will also benefit from the quality work of goalkeeping and movement specialist Tom Archer - a coach who is pushing the boundaries and leading the field in his cutting edge ideas.

We strive to keep innovating in hockey and giving you access to quality and ideas that you might not otherwise get. A unique international perspective on hockey for developing young players!

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