How to take the perfect penalty shuttle

How do you take the perfect penalty shuttle?

  1. Stay focussed and calm. Don't panic and don't try to rush.
  2. The beauty of a penalty shuttle is that you have multiple ways to try and beat the goalkeeper, so there is no one perfect way to score. However, with that said, concentrate on using directional changes and large stick movements to commit the goalkeeper to moving in one direction, before you go the other. You are more mobile than the goalkeeper in pads, so use it to your advantage.
  3. Have an idea of how you want to move the goalkeeper and stick to it as you approach. Don't change your mind during your run up. However, be flexible so that, once you see how the goalkeeper reacts to your movements, you can take advantage of any spaces that open up. 
  4. Practice!
  5. Practice some more!

GB U21s player takes a penalty shuttle in the FINAL of the Sultan of Johor Cup, Malaysia. What he does, under such pressure, is absolutely stunning... #EvolveYourGame @Evo_Hockey

All that is very easy to say, it is another thing holding your nerve to execute your penalty shuttle on the big stage. That is why the stunning penalty shuttle taken by Jack Clee in the GB U21s FINAL of the Sultan of Johor Cup, Malaysia, in October 2015, was so amazing. Jack had a plan, stuck to it, kept his cool and did something no-one was expecting, to help GB win the cup! Take a look! 

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