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Our Story




A new breed of hockey coaching is here - unlike any other you have experienced. 

EVO was founded in 2015, to change the face of junior hockey coaching. We wanted to:

  • Develop a world-class coaching environment, suitable for all levels.

  • Inspire creativity, getting away from dogmatic ideas about the "right way to play".
  • Enthuse and excite, exploring different playing styles, skills, philosophies and cultures from around the world.
  • Connect young players with hockey stars from across the globe.

evo hockey: for the players

This is at the heart of everything we do.

We have an amazing, ever-growing team of world-class players and coaches who believe in the EVO project. Young players work closely with them and are encouraged to interact, ask questions and get to know them as players and people.

Our player-focused philosophy extends to all areas. We sponsor senior and junior internationals, offering them employment, mentoring and playing / coaching development pathways. We have worked closely with a number of our sponsored players, developing their coaching to the point where they are some of the most talented up and coming coaches, as well as players, in the country.

evo hockey: a HUB of creativity

Our camps, 1-1 sessions and coaching models have been developed by combining sport psychology with a wealth of experience gained from coaching, playing  and learning from elite level hockey in different countries around the world. We are constantly evolving - evaluating, refining and improving our methods with every session we do.

No EVO camp or coaching session is ever the same. Each brings different combinations of coaches, from different countries, with different creative ideas about the game.

EVO events are a creative hub for hockey innovation and a safe space for players to test new skills and approaches. No one at EVO has an agenda, we're not selecting you for any team or squad. Our interest is simply in opening your mind to new and different ways to play, helping you to develop and showing the world the beauty of the sport.


All players we meet are welcomed into the EVO Hockey family. Young players and coaches keep us posted on their progress, achievements and stories, which we share through social media. Many players return to us, camp after camp, and develop a fantastic player-coach bond with some of the top players in the world. EVO is, ultimately, for the players, and we are together building a worldwide, supportive community of players, parents and coaches, who share the same values and ideals.

core values

Evolving hockey learning - firm commitment to developing and innovating within hockey coaching – challenging the way players and coaches approach the sport.

Encouraging creativity & innovation - both for players and for coaches. Enabling players and coaches to explore new ideas and embrace different ways to coach and play. A ‘safe space’ for both players and coaches to be encouraged to try new skills and approaches, without fear of failure.

Coaching excellence, engagement & enthusiasm - commitment to actively seeking, recruiting, supporting and developing excellence in the coaching team - coaches who want to innovate and actively engage with the players, providing world-class coaching from beginner to elite levels. Providing players opportunities to positively engage with coaches from a diverse range of backgrounds & hockey philosophies.

Connecting young players with leading stars & up and coming players / coaches - to inspire & mentor young players, increase participation in hockey, and develop connections between grassroots players and top level athletes.

Fairness, equality & diversity - developing the culture of “EVO family” within coaches & players. Fair pay for coaches & a supportive environment for them to develop. An engaging environment for players to develop & learn diverse hockey philosophies and styles. Changing the perception of hockey and broadening its appeal beyond ‘traditional’ playing groups.  


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